A Speaker with the Canadian Conference Speakers Bureau?


Professional speaking is a powerful way to reach your ideal clients and to spread your messages in a meaningful way. A successful speaker is able to bring together a meaningful message with a solid understanding of their audience, an effective delivery style, and inspired storytelling.

Of course, the challenges of successful speaking are:

  • Nerves that prevent you from feeling confident and connecting with your audience.
  • Struggling to keep your audience engaged and at the edge of their seats.
  • Successfully weaving stories into your presentation in order to connect deeply.
  • Selling your audience on additional products or services without annoying them!

Even experienced speakers can struggle to maximize the business opportunities that can be possible when you achieve the “World Class Speaker” status in speaking.

Meet our World Class Speaking Coach, Sarah Hilton.

If you would like to grow your confidence, build your speaking skills or build a speaking platform to add to your business you can connect with Sarah today. Visit her website or email her at

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